Society free of infestation caused by Bandicoots

The bandicoot is a gigantic rat of South Asia, measuring about 40 cm in length. Bandicoots are a real threat to humans and pets alike, since there are extremely hazardous risks attributed to their survival in our surroundings. Perilous diseases including Tuberculosis, E.coli, Salmonella and Weil’s disease are spread by bandicoots. They are also the carriers of ticks, mites and flies which leads to intensive allergic reactions. ..

Consequences in business due to Bandicoots

People’s trust towards your business drastically declines, especially in the industries such as food processing and beverage, if the goods for consumption are not produced in healthy and hygienic conditions, free from bandicoots, since the current generation follows zero tolerance in terms of food they consume. .

The bandicoots destroy office equipment such as electronic appliances, computers, pipes and wires in the business premises. Infestations may lead to product recalls, consequently resulting in losing potential contracts and customers. This further outcomes in declined company’s reputation and financial loss. Legally, when the business is not complying with the legislation, it leads to closure of business or ends up paying huge penalties, which remains a vital loss to the entity..

Midhuna Pest Control services are extremely proficient and optimises sophisticated equipment in eliminating and eradicating bandicoots, freeing the locality and surroundings from infestation. The best part of our service includes free site inspection, which reports the source of attraction for bandicoots, intensity of infestation, identify the rat species and breeding sites. Our expertise team of professionals offer a customised rat control solution, tailored to the client’s requirement. Treatment encompasses efficacious control of the potential breeding sites and further action plan in accordance to ERDM approach.