Why should you hire Midhuna?

You might feel shocked after seeing a rat at your home or at business place even after maintaining neatness. Rats not only make you shout when they move from one place to other place in your home, they also invade your site and spread diseases. Rats may contaminate your food and can chew away important documents, wooden furniture, cables and clothes. Rats may also pose a threat to pets and kids when they are playing in the garden or taking rest on the floor. So you have to take the help of Midhuna pest control services to prevent damages that occur due to rats. Our effective rat control services will help to safeguard your valuable property..

Protect your family and belongings

The presence of one female rat is very dangerous as it can increase its family. Presence of rats makes your site very unhygienic. If you find rats at your site, please call us immediately for kicking them out of your site. Right after reaching your address, out team will initially inspect for holes that rats uses as a passage for moving in and out. We do use special equipment like tiny cameras to inspect rat holes in difficult places. After clearly inspecting the place, our team will explain the severity of rats along with the best solutions to tackle the situation.

Harmless process for elimination of rats

First of all, we will seize all the passages with naturally made chemicals. Incase if the problem is very severe, we use bait boxes that boasts rodhenticides. After removing all the rats from your site, our staff will prevent further penetration of rats into your habitat by proper proofing .We will place the bait boxes in a safe place where children or your pets can’t reach them. We offer one day treatment and full length treatment. We will be in touch with you even after the completion of process and we will guide you with some tips to prevent the existence of rats at your home.