Unknown facts about Wood Borers

You must never ignore wood borers as they can damage your costly furniture and can even eat away the structural components of your home. The size of adult wood bored lies in between 8mm to 25mm and they usually appear in either black or brown color. Damage can be severe of there is furniture is made of timber in your home. No one likes to continue the growth of wood borer when once it is spotted anywhere at your place. At the initial point, you would be thinking to remove them on your own but they can’t be removed completely without the experts help.

Effects of Wood Borers

Do your owe a furniture shop? Are you frustrated about the damage that is severe caused to your new furniture because of these wood borers? Then you must consider calling is immediately to be on the safe side without running into losses. No one likes to purchase the furniture that is damaged. It would be embarrassing if any guests spots out the infestation of wood borers on your sofa or wooden chair. Contact midhuna pest control service immediately if you find any signs of wood borers or their eggs on the wooden installations at your home or business place.

We are experts to control Wood Borers

We use latest and highly efficient termite control solutions to help safeguard your valuable furniture and property made with wood from the borers. In case if there is Severe infestation, you need to spend more money as the entire furniture must be replaced with a new money. You must hire an expert wood borers control service provider like us at the Early stages of infestation of there is wooden flooring across your home..

We use special techniques depending upon the level of infestation to remove wood borers completely. we use harmless chemical injections to reduce the further expansion of infestation deep in the wood.